“The Earth has music for those who listen!”

“Sunrise over the Karoo”

“Tree of Life”

“Kenya dreams”

“When the night falls”

DSC_5216A & L

“Good morning world”

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

“Majestic Kudu”


“Hiding Nyala!

“The beauty of waterbuck”

“Special moments”

“Followed by rhino”


DSC_0082A & L

“Up, close & personal”

“Baraka, the blind ambassador

blacksA & L

“Black rhino bull”

DSC_1267A & L

“The face of an orphan- a poaching victim”

“Wasn’t me”

DSC_4090A & L

“A moment in time”

“No photos please”

“I am shy”

DSC_4066A & L

“Skeptical face”

“Cheetah reintroduction project”

DSC_6124A & L

“Playful stripes on a crisp morning”

DSC_5265A & L

“Stripes always make for a good photo”

10665389_10152384781546216_5824357235405344785_nA & L


“Raw power”



DSC_6206A & L

“For the love of the elephant”

“Little naughty orphan”

“Water is life”

“Fierce litte fella'”

“Water thieves”

“African roadblock”

“Bright & Early”


“Endangered Ground Hornbill”

“Mount Kenya”

DSC_5371A & L

“Brown snake eagle”

“Up, up you go”


“The beauty of nature”

DSC_9672A & L

“A symbol of Africa- the baobab tree”

“Lion king”

“After an afternoon nap”

DSC_5505A & L

“Cuteness & innocence”

“Old man on a mission”

Ghost in the darkness”

“Hi there- food?” These hyena pups were waiting for the mother to return and feed them.

“Hungry litte pup”

DSC_6093A & L


DSC_5423A & L

“Patterns & Bird


DSC_5250A & L

“Bum action”

DSC_2036A & L

“Painted wolf”

DSC_2030A & L

“Painted wolf”

DSC_1859A & L

“Mini Pumba”

DSC_4634A & L

“A whale of a time”