Riding for wildlife

“These magnificent species of Africa – elephants, rhino, lions, leopards, cheetah, the great apes – this is a treasure for all humanity.
They need to be valued and preserved by humanity. We all need a global commitment to that.”
-patrick bergin

We are about everything wild, endless skies, campfires & sleeping under the stars.

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Here are 10 reasons why you should get on the horse with us:

1. Become a “treehugger”
No diesel fumes or loud engine noise. Move silently through the bush, getting glimpses of everything wild.

2. Become a wildlife warrior
Help us protect everything wild, small and big on fence & snare patrols.

3. Get a taste of freedom

4. Partner horse
Spend an unforgettable time on your horse’s back

5. Feel alive
While you feel the warm wind on your face

6. Collect memories
Of starlit skies, hyena calls & lion roars, of the world between a horse’s ears

7. Connect
With nature

8. Experience
An adventure of a lifetime with every sunrise & sunset

9.  Interact
With the wildlife that sees you as one of their own

10. Safari
In Swahili the word “Safari” means “Journey”
Join us on a journey under blue skies and bright stars on horseback.
Sit with us around the campfire.
Listen with us to the song of the bushveld.
Learn with us.
Be part of the wild.

What will your adventure look like?

  • Assist in daily care of horses,
  • taking care of equipment,
  • doing ground work with the horses,
  • riding, riding and some more riding,
  • camping out with the horses,
  • assist in Anti-poaching exercises such as snare sweeps on horseback, fence patrols on horseback and night drives, especially during full moon, checking on the rhinos
  • Visit Kruger National Park

We are for wilderness. We are wild at heart. And we love sleeping under the stars.

Prices for riding on different farms, looking for snares and monitoring wildlife while overnighting at a beautiful camp with all amenities until we move to the new location:

2 weeks: 17875.- Zar
(includes trip into Kruger Park)

1 week: 9375.- Zar

Included: 3 meals a day, accommodation, all riding activities, collection and drop off at Phalaborwa Airport, or surrounding shuttle stops of the area
basic laundry

Excluded: air travel, travel and medical insurance, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks like Coke, additional excursions, gate entry KNP,
any meals at restaurants, tips, souvenirs

New location. New adventures. New efforts on the Ground. Coming soon.

(We charge as this has the makings of an unforgettable experience while you are doing good and the money keeps the program alive, feeds the horses, upholds the tack, pays the grooms, chef and field guides who conduct the patrols also when no guests are at the reserve, and makes sure you have great food, a clean bed and one big adventure.)

For more information: bootsonthegroundnpc@gmail.com
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