“If you feel there is something out there you are supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it!”
-wanda sykes

Here are the grassroots projects we love & support!

Friends of Wildlife Management

This passionate bunch is not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to rescuing, saving or relocating wildlife.They are working on a minuscule budget and can use all the support they can get. We would like to help them with the small things: fuel to get to the locations and most importantly rhino masks so that its less of a struggle for them and the animals but also anything that falls under wear and tear.
Just a couple of weeks ago we were in the bush with them, filming their latest outing- rhino DNA sampling and notching.

 Check this out- saving one rhino at the time

Check this out- in the field

Saving elephants

Tracking & Conservation K9 Group

This power couple decided to put their passion- dogs- to work for a good cause.
They breed and train fat noses for tracking, man trailing and sniff work.
Several of their dogs have been highly successful in catching poachers within the Kruger area and even in other African countries.
Bloodhounds are well known for their loving nature- so you can imagine the licks anyone close by will get.
Their excitement when they go to work is contagious and we love being the bad guys, getting sniffed out by them during training sessions.
K9 group can always use support, especially dog food and training toys.

Check this out- four paws on the ground

Gorilla Doctors Rwanda

Now these guys are absolute stars in our eyes! Mountain Gorilla numbers have been climbing over the past several years and have now reached the thousand mark. We have been lucky enough to work with these vets last year and got a sneak peek into their world.Not only are they responsible for the groups in Rwanda, they also work cross border with colleagues in DRC (Virunga National Park) and Uganda.
Their one health approach has helped them tremendously in getting community support in their endeavor- if the people are healthy and happy, then so is the gorilla. We would like to support them with whatever is needed to continue their successful work!

Join the doctors on their quest