Little Rhinos

“Photographs open doors into the past, but also allow a look into the future!” -sally man

Hot summer days marked the beginning of a year’s journey into the wild, with several trips to South Africa’s most heartbreaking wildlife sanctuaries- rhino orphanages. These litte babas have to overcome the trauma of losing their mom to a brutal attack, some get hurt in the process and some are not found immediately and wander around, lost, tired and scared until they are captured and brought into the caring hands of vets and care takers.

While filming the inspiring ladies, who are the soul of the orphanages, we learned that every single baby is blessed with its own personality-  some needing lots of attention and love, others rebelling, wanting everything their way. We found one thing, they all have in common: Their love for milk- they would do anything for milk- and mud baths, looooong mud baths.

The care takers and vet nurses not only work hard,long hours, they are also absolute heroes with their entire being focused on their litte charges, while facing the realities of the poaching crises over and over again.

We heard many sad tales that turned into something beautiful once the little orphans were nurtured back into health or were guided through the initial shock, we witnessed the bonds between humans and rhinos and we celebrated their release back into the wild.

We are telling their stories in the documentary.

Catch a glimpse of our time with the little rhinos (bog photography/ arno smit)

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