Catching Cats

“The message is simple: Love and conserve our wildlife!”

-steve irwin

Meet the world’s most dangerous cat (or maybe the world’s cutest cat?) Zoo Magdeburg, a small but caring institution, is not only passionate about our rhinos, they are also keen on supporting the breeding efforts of endangered species in general and reintroduction into the wild in the animal’s home range. Our collaboration started with a chance meeting in Kruger National Park while we were filming the anti poaching dogs, trained by Tracking and Conservation K9 Group. The Zoo’s director, Dr. Kai Perret, wanted to offer hands on help and traveled to South Africa to visit different projects, and draw his own conclusions as to what was needed and what could be done. 

Not only did he help outfit the dogs and handlers through our organization, but also decided to jump into breeding efforts of one of the most vulnerable species- the world’s smallest and most successful hunter- a really adorable killing machine actually. Oh yes- the deadliest cat on Earth isn’t a proud, black maned lion, an elusive leopard or a stealthy cheetah. It’s a tiny cat that you’ve probably never heard of: Africa’s smallest feline, the black-footed cat.

It is native to the grasslands of southern Africa, has an endearingly round face and a light brown, black-spotted body that is small even compared to domestic cats. Its only around 36 to 52 centimeters long, stands about 20 cm tall and weighs about 2 to 6 lbs. Not very impressive you say? 

Have a look here:

Friends of Wildlife Management was up to the task as saving this little predator was a secret wish, so we started outfitting a small breeding center with funding from the Zoo on a suitable reserve in their area of operations and as of last night the first cat will call it her new home for a short amount of time.

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