“To live is to experience things, not sit around pondering the meaning of life”

paulo coehlo


The Presence Programme focuses on forming a positive presence on the game reserve by riding out to all corners of the property.
It helps to keep horses fit and wildlife habituated. It is in fact a conservation minded programme.
We only take up to six riders on.

The duration is between 1 and 2 weeks.

What will you experience when taking part of this adventure:

  • Assist in daily care of horses,
  • taking care of equipment,
  • doing ground work with the horses,
  • riding,
  • camping out with the horses,
  • assist in Anti-poaching exercises such as snare sweeps either by foot or on horseback, fence patrols and night drives, especially during full moon
  • assisting in the special species breeding program as the need arises

Please note: The level of engagement with the horse will depend on your riding skills, knowledge and training.

Anti Poaching Awareness as well as some insight into the world of animal protection and conservation will be given within in the Presence Program.
You will join bush patrols, you will learn about snares and the problems we are facing, you will track and be briefed as to what to look out for while on horseback.

We hope to create a relaxed environment for you during your stay with us, while your participation in the program is designed to bring positive presence to the game reserve.

Hope to see you soon!

Prices start at: 14575 Zar – please note that we cant give a euro price due to conversion rates always changing at the moment.
Add on week upon request (includes Kruger and a community day)
Basic package includes: transfers, accommodation, 3 meals a day on the reserve, prepared by your own chef, linen & towels, basic laundry, bush camp overnight adventure, bush knowledge and walks, Anti poaching Awareness, all horse related activities, free wifi in the pool lounge area, in the summer access to the farm pool
Upon request: A day out or an add on overnight stay in Kruger National Park

For more information contact us: bootsonthegroundnpc@gmail.com or via our contact form here!
In partnership with the Safari Horse Company