“UNLESS  someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better….”
-the lorax

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Our ongoing projects:

Supporting Tracking & Conservation K9 Group:

Things needed:
Handler uniforms
Dog training toys
Dog bowls

Nkonzo Wildlife Research:
Monitoring rhino, tracking cape leopard to prevent human-wildlife conflict,
endangered & rare species in the Karoo and Cape region.

Things needed:
Infrared camera traps
Digital camera
GPS Tracker (tortoise)
Data Download station for tracker
Handheld GPS
Handheld windmeter
Remote Temperature gage

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Gorilla Doctors- saving one gorilla at the time:

Every day things are needed in Rwanda to ensure the continuous efforts:
Tires for their vehicles as they drive between three countries to treat the great apes and golden monkeys!

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Friends of Wildlife Management

A group of passionate people working on a very limited budget need the support to continue their work and get the tools needed.
At the moment they are busy setting up a small habitat for the black footed cat to get it back from the brink of extinction.
They are on call to save wildlife, dehorn rhino, relocate crocodiles to prevent human- wildlife conflict etc…