Boots on the Ground Non Profit is registered in South Africa as our main bases are located near Kruger National Park and Johannesburg.
We are a grass roots movement, that was brought to life while filming a documentary on the plight and the sometimes heartbreaking world of anti poaching rangers, conservationists and people with an undying passion for wildlife.

There is a war in some of the most beautiful countries in the world. A war on wildlife. Fueled by greed.
Every 15 minutes an elephant dies.
Every 6 hours a rhino gets poached. 
The only people standing between the poacher and the wildlife they protect, are the rangers.

We are here to help. To support. While they ensure the survival of our wildlife.

Please Help Us, Help Them!

photography: angie raab, clare james, kimberly wood, nigel kuhn
edit: angie raab/ chantelle melzer