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“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I am somebody.”

Boots on the Ground is not only a non profit but also a documentary in the editing stage.
Because of my travels all over Africa, I was able to get an inside view of Anti Poaching efforts, of the passion that drives people to get up every morning and fight for what they believe in.
I walked in the footstep of giants and looked extinction in the eye, realizing that I really wanted to do something to help and support the men and women on the ground.

A year later Boots on the Ground non profit was born and registered.
( Registration Number: 2017 / 438949 / 08)

The two other people who joined me are close to my heart and are doing incredible work to preserve a species and our wildlife.
You will find one in the field and the other one on horseback.

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You always wondered, how you can help?
Want to come visit the animals and see first hand what we do?
Join our horseback project and actively support the efforts on the ground.

Join us in the wild

Join our wildlife research & rhino monitoring project on the garden route.

Get a glimpse of the wild

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Check out the projects we support here & how you can contribute:

Come & help us, help them

Sharing our story is a great way to show your support, plus it’s for free 😀

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