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“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized I am somebody.”

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Time is running out for the African Rhino, the African Elephant and the African Pangolin.
The poaching crises, happening as we speak, is the most significant issue faced by the conservation community world wide.

Boots on the Ground was brought to life while filming a documentary on the plight and the sometimes heartbreaking world of anti poaching rangers, conservationists and people with an undying passion for wildlife.
We are hoping that we can help preserve this heritage for our future generation so they can be as excited as we are when seeing these magnificent and beautiful animals in the wild.

When possible, we are taking dedicated givers into the field, to see the good their donation is doing.

⇒ Time is running out for the African rhino, the African pangolin & the African elephant

⇒ Over 7000 rhino have been poached over the last decade

⇒ There are roughly 350,000 elephants left

⇒ Pangolin is the world’s most trafficked animal accounting for as much as 20% of all illegal wildlife trade.

⇒ They will not survive without our help


Rhino Beer (KCB) has been in the field, getting a glimpse of what hands on conservation looks like. We are currently looking into new projects in the anti poaching field that need the help and support.
Zoo Magdeburg has been actively raising awareness and funding campaigns and projects in Africa while supporting our passion for rhino all the way.They have sponsored equipment for dog handlers, helped with a dehorning operation and built two conservation breeding projects of endangered species (hornbill, blackfooted cat) with animals being released back into the wild successfully.
We are forever grateful for the support they have given us and our projects and wish the new zoo management that is concentrating its efforts closer to home all the best.
Oniko Recruitment, a swiss company, has been a life saver many times with their two representatives here in South Africa by not only donating to a cause they believe in but also getting their hands dirty in the field, helping with rhino dehorning, hippo capture to safety and lion relocation, experiencing first hand where their donations are going.
Oniko has been moving on today to create their own fund raising campaign and we wish them best of luck.

Due to COVID 19 we will only be taking donations once restrictions are lifted as currently we cant do anything or move around. We are also working on new projects within Africa and not only South Africa, so this seemingly endless time in the new normal we are living in at the moment, will give us space to start building exciting new projects out there.
Thank you for all your support up to here!!

D O N A T E   N O W
ALL donations will go to the cause YOU are passionate about and want to support.
WE will ensure that you see where your money is going, what your money is buying and WE will create a small video for YOU, introducing the people on the ground you are helping.
IF you are in Africa, come see us!

Contact us at: [email protected] or fill out the form below: