Act. Educate. Empower.

One Mission. Be the Change. Be part of the herd. 100% bush spirit. 100% adventure. 100% love for wildlife.

We are a group of passionate people, supporting grassroots movements, committed to making our home, our planet, a better one.
We come from two different continents- Europe and Africa.
We love what we do.


Who we are:

Photographers, Filmmakers, Conservation guides, Anti poaching rangers.

What we do:

Help. Support. And taking you into the world of conservation.

Join us in the field:

On horseback. Behind the camera. Or while monitoring rhino and other endangered species.

The documentary:

Coming soon. A story about the boots on the ground, risking their lives every day, while protecting our natural heritage.



Mali- Chengeta Wildlife



Project Horse Assistance

Save our Rhino

African Parks

Last Northern Whites

African Parks

White Rhino


Lion Rescue

Project Rhino K9

Around the Fire

Join Our Team

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