Rhino Beer

“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”
– sabrina bryan

Karoo Craft Breweries joins us on the front line of the rhino war

Two years ago we discovered KCB beer in a tiny restaurant in the middle of nowhere on our way to the Cape- we were able to choose between Impala, Kudu, Jackal and Oryx.
We said back then that all they are missing now is a Rhino beer. 

A few month ago we finally made the decision and contacted the marketing team, asking them if they would not be interested in collaborating with a very special beer, supporting our work. 
This is the result of our ideas, meetings and brain storming:

These guys are not only passionate about their lekker craft beer but also about conservation and our wildlife out there.
Jannie joined us in the field to experience what it is all about, getting his hands dirty and for the first time being close to the very animal he would like to help, touching the rough skin and feeling all the emotions every single one of us goes through whenever we have to cut a horn off, take DNA samples or put them through stress to protect them.
THANK YOU for making the effort and helping us, help them.

If you would like to enjoy your very own Rhino Beer, contact the guys here to order or pop by for a tasting:
Contact KCB

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