What is the best thing about Kruger National Park?

” It’s good to have an end to journey toward; But is the journey that matters in the end. “
-ernest hemingway

To answer the question: THE WILDLIFE
Have a look here


But let’s start at the beginning:
For me,  Kruger is not about driving 50 km/hr on tar roads, chasing the big five- buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard.
For me,  Kruger is so much more than that.
It’s dust and bouncy roads, secret hides and waterholes, it’s huge baobab trees and tiny birds, it’s following the call of hyenas, it’s exploring  hidden paths, revealing lionesses and their cubs, crocodiles and sunbathing hippos, it’s the bustling restaurants with a view, and quiet braai sites, it’s the call of the fish eagle and the shadow of circling vultures, it’s trumpeting elephants and little steenboks, barking zebras and hunting painted dogs, it’s the frog songs at night and quiet hoot of owls and all the critters big and small.
A lot of people tend to miss all the little things, the real beauty of nature wether it is the animal tracks, the snakes, sunbathing on the side of the road, the chameleon, chilling on a branch or the big baobab on the top of the hill.

Did you know that

  • there are around 150 species of mammals in the Kruger National Park, including everything from the striped mouse to the african elephant.
  • there have been more than 500 bird species recorded in the Kruger, but guess work has it, that there is a significant bigger number.
  • there are 400 Tree species, one of them my favorite, the baobab tree, found in the northern parts of the park.
  • there are around 120 species of reptiles found in the Kruger that include some beautiful, yet deadly snakes.
  • there are 50 species of fish that frequent the rivers and dams (fish eagles have to catch something)
  • there are more than 30 species of amphibians

When planning a Kruger trip, you should really take your time and drive from the north to the south, otherwise you will be missing out on so much.
Beautiful Mopani Camp with a Café and a view (you never know what will show up at the dam) and a huge baobab tree around the corner, Letaba Camp, a must for all elephant fans, the little Thsokwane picnic site with its rustic snack bar and little gem of a shop (yes ladies, there is some beautiful pieces of jewelry there and some lovely little tokens for home as well as a really good collection of books), then there is the Cattle Baron in Skukuza Camp ( I don’t necessarily like the camp or Kruger city as I tend to call it, way to busy but the restaurant- different story 😀 ) where you can have either an amazing breakfast or some really tasty lunch- with a view of elephants, antelope and the occasional leopard at the river.
We love to stay at Pretoriuskop Camp, located on a hilltop, a must for every hyena fan. There is dens everywhere around camp.
For the big five chasers, we recommend to drive to Lower Sabie Camp, stay there and drive along the river where rhinos, buffalo, elephants, leopards and lions are known to make grand entrances.

There is something special still on our bucket list: Sable Hide. You can stay overnight at the hide at sable dam, close to the Phalaborwa Gate. You will be provided with bedding and the utensils you need for camping at the gate before you make your way to the hide.
What you will experience is almost like camping in the wilderness with all the makings of a big romance: An African Sunset. All kinds of wild visitors at the dam, from elephants to leopards- anything and everything can happen. The calls of lions and hyenas and all the night noises of the bush. The African sky, sprinkled with stars. An African Sunrise.


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      1. All kinds, depending on the mood and situation- from country to hip hop to chill out to rock!
        I can blog a playlist 😁

  1. You did a lot of research on this article Angie- Well done. Thank you for promoting our wonderful game park.

    Maybe a nice addition to your article where you mention “Pretoriuskop Rest Camp” would be referencing the website too – https://pretoriuskop.com/

    I do think this would be of extra value to your loyal readers like myself. Anyways great article.


    1. Hi Louis!

      I live next to Kruger so for us the park is like a second home 🙂
      We run a small non profit so we were lucky to work with the K9s and the rangers in the southern part, relocate lions back into the park and help where we can in conservation. I will add the link as soon as i can – when wifi is back in the cards!
      Thank you so much for your comment and say hello to all the critters for me as I am away from the bush for now ! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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