“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures!”
-lovelle drachmann

Our next stop on our roadtrip was another game reserve in the eastern cape – we were offered to film and photograph their rangers and rhinos.
We were really excited as this would become our first glimpse into the world of anti poaching and the first step to planning the documentary, we set out to do.
Check out the photo story of our little adventure 🙂
Check out this short clip

“Waiting for the boat to arrive. We were getting ready for our first walk on the reserve with the rangers.”

“Where is the key?” 😉 One of those bleeper moments, where you try not to laugh but are not very successful”

“Sunset always gives you the best pictures”

“Photographer in action, on the river. It was a bit windy out there so we dressed like eskimos, just to sweat a few hours later”

“Here is me, getting filmed by Clare, while getting a shot of her in full videographer mode. Things you do while cruising along the river to the next location”

“Clare tried to get some footage while standing on the river bank- which worked as you can see- and we had nothing better to do than throw an emergency flare at her as she was concentrating so much, she did not pay attention to anything. This is us scheming as you can see!”

“Getting ready for an on location shoot”

“Off, patrolling the fence line, one of the many duties an anti poaching ranger has during the day shift”

“Eye to eye with the animal they protect- one of my signature shots”

“Bingo, the breeding bull and probably one of the most beautiful rhinos I have ever seen. In March 2016, he and his family were poached.”

“African sunrises are breathtaking- if you manage to get up and catch them”

“Hazy mornings had us crawling through the bush and playing hide and seek with unicorns”

“My favorite scenery”

“Eye to eye with this beauty”

“Save our rhino”

“The only way to shoot a rhino- with a camera”

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