“The camera is my tool. Through it I give a reason to everything around me.!”
-andre kertesz


image1 3 2

Angie in her element in Rwanda, filming the “Gorilla Doctors”.

The travel bug bit me in the early years when my family moved to Greece!

Since then I have been living in South Korea, the US and Austria.
Wherever I went, I had a camera at hand to tell stories with pictures.

I am now wandering around the world, following my dreams, while building a base in South Africa with the man I love and will marry.

Two years ago, I traveled to Africa for a course to enhance my writing and photography skills.
I was only planning on staying for a month, but after I met the Boots on the ground, telling me their story, showing me the danger they are facing and introducing me to the animal they were protecting, I felt that I could do more than just listen.

I am a journalist, living the story I am telling. I am a photographer, telling the story in pictures. I am a film maker putting the pictures on a screen.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we do!”
-winston churchill



Andi has been filming in Kenya and South Africa and is always helping behind the scenes whenever needed, as an advisor or hands-on.

I am a professional photographer and film maker.
What Boots on the Ground is doing and supporting is worthwhile as I want to do my bit in protecting what is still left.

“If we all lose hope there is no hope-without hope, people fall into apathy.
There is still a lot left worth fighting for”
-Jane Goodall



Angie and Clare started the amazing adventure that is Boots on the Ground in South Africa. 

Whilst working out in South Africa teaching diving and wildlife, underwater and adventure sports photography, I met Angie and having recently realized just how huge the problem of poaching currently is I decided to join her.
Embarking on the incredible journey that is Boots on The Ground, with the purpose to raise awareness and support for The Boots, thus stemming the rate of poaching.
I enjoy the entire production process be it filming, editing, storyboard creation and am always on hand to assist when help is required. It is a privilege to be a part of The Team.



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