World Ranger Day 2016

“My job, my mission, the reason I have been put onto this planet, is to save wildlife.”
-steve irwin

We have been walking alongside them, we have been on patrol with them, we have looked into their eyes and we have faced the hardship they have to deal with every day.
These brave men and women still get up every morning to protect Africa’s iconic species.
We salute you!

One Ranger helped us filming while he introduced us to the last northern white rhinos.
Stay safe.

We watched rangers getting ready for night patrol. They waved at us before they walked off into the bush. To protect.

This ranger is getting ready for a horse patrol.
To keep the forest and its inhabitants safe.
To monitor wildlife and the elephant corridor.
A job well done.

Many long patrols start, when the night sets in.
The elephants will be protected once more.
An exhausting job, but they will keep going every day.
Rangers, vets and owners dehorning rhino, to keep them safe another day.
We salute you as we know how hard this decision is.

Monitoring rhino day and night. Often alone.
Stay safe!

This rangers is not only patrolling the desert. He is also part of the most dangerous Anti poaching operation in this world. In Mali. To protect the last of the legendary desert elephants.
We salute you!

He trains rangers throughout Africa to help them gain the skills to keep themselves and the animals they protect safe.
Be the change you want to see!

He decided to exchange his suit with this uniform whenever he can, to utilize his skills, teaching rangers how to avoid dangerous situations, assisting with operations.
Be the change you want to see!


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credit: angie raab

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