Boots on the Ground- the documentary!

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man!”
-charles darwin

We are telling the story of the Boots, the inspirational men and women who are on the frontline- the last barrier between the wildlife they protect and the ruthless poachers.
Men and women, who are trying to save a species, men and women who fight for what they believe in.

Poaching has been worsening over the past decade, decimating Africa’s wildlife at an unbelievable speed.
Reserves and parks have been grappling to keep up with the fight.

We are working on a documentary that will intertwine stories of individuals, working in Anti Poaching, conservationists, rhino owners and veterinary services, with the tales of the plight of Africa’s iconic species.

We started production and filming, beginning of 2017.
The second phase is the long journey of editing, we are on now.
The third phase will be joining film festivals to show the world the heartbreaking work of a group of amazing people with an undying passion for our wildlife.

Exciting adventures. Beautiful stories. Sad stories. Familiar faces. New faces.

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Watch this space for updates, snippets and a trailer!

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